Let's be real. 

Are you where you want to be in life? 

If you are, sick. You get 2 points for being awesome so go throw some Gym Shark on and hit the tinder bro. 

If not, welcome. We're all shit heads here. 

I could be further along in life but I could also be doing way worse. I would've been dead If I'd crashed a little harder in the 5th grade. From 5th grade on I've been in overtime. Life is weird that way. 

The only thing truly consistent in my life has been training. I don't know how people quit training once the training habit has been established. Currently, for 2020-2022 I've been waking up at 530, chug a prelift and put my headphones on. I walk out the door and begin my day. 

At times my diet has sucked, i've had no money, and straddle the line of hope and hopelessness. For some reason, walking into the gym and moving weights around help keep my demons down. 


I don't know what i'm doing with this or my life right now but here's the current training plan.